The Grow with me Collection

Why Grow with Me Clothing?

Why Grow with Me Clothing?
I love Grow with Me clothing for so many reasons! It saves you time, money, and can even help save the environment.
-Saving You Time and Money: One of the biggest reasons I love Grow with Me clothing is because I spend so much time making clothing for my grandchild, I don’t want him to outgrow it right away (especially when I really love the fabric!). This also means they will go through less clothing, saving you money!

-Environmentally Sustainable: Another huge reason I love Grow with Me clothing is the sustainability factor. Kids outgrow clothing so fast! It’s not only hard on the bank account, it’s also hard on the environment. According to a post on The Guardian, if we can extend our clothing lifespan by 9 months, we can reduce our carbon footprint by 20-30%!
Grow with Me clothing can be a more environmentally friendly way to clothe our kids!

-Fits the In Between Sizes: We also love that Grow With Me clothing fits even during those odd in between size where their legs are too long for their current size, but their waist is too small for the next size up!

-Changing Bag Essential: Grow with Me clothing also makes great changing bag clothing! If you are anything like me and you forget to change out the clothing in your nappy bag regular, Grow with Me clothing can really save you! 

How do Grow with me patterns work?
On most of the garments there are cuffs that you roll up and unroll as the child grows. Some of our clothes utilize drawstrings or foldable waistbands as well. The Grow with me collection fits about 3 to 4 times longer than traditionally sized clothing.